Robotic Augmentation Lab

Robotic Augmentation

In my lab, we are going to research how social robots can augment human super-skills. How can AI-powered social artificial physical agents:

(i) enhance toddler-parent communications?

(ii) promote K-12 children’s curiosity

(iii) boost adults’ creativity in their workplace, the arts, and their personal lives?

(iv) teach people to better collaborate, and thus be better citizens? 

We will study these questions by developing computational models of these super-skills, instilling state-of-the-art AI into scalable affordable platforms and evaluate them in-the-wild: in homes, schools, offices and theaters. To this end we will collaborate with the public sector and municipalities, with the private sector, and with other research labs in TIL and its member companies. 

Previous studies:
Promotion of 21st Century skills have been shown to be effective by social robots. We have shown that curiosity can be promoted by curious robots. Growth Mindset has also been promoted by interaction with a social robot. Communication between toddler and parents have been to be more effective with social robots than tablets. Collaboration by effective group facilitation have been shown to be promoted by a social robot facilitator


Laboratory Leader: Prof. Goren Gordon

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