TAU Innovation Labs Support New Urban Health Initiative

TILabs Center is proud to announce its support for the new Urban Health initiative

TAU Innovation Labs Support New Urban Health Initiative


On June 5, 2023, a significant event on urban science took place at the Tel Aviv University Museum of Nature. The Urban Health initiative of TILabs aims to tackle the pressing health challenges urban populations face and improve the quality of life in our cities. Leading this groundbreaking effort are two distinguished professors, Prof. Tali Hatuka and Prof. Noam Shomron. They have initiated discussions with representatives from the Ministry of Health, health maintenance organizations, hospitals, and emergency medical services, bringing together a diverse range of stakeholders invested in urban health.

To kick start the initiative, a brainstorming session was recently held during a half-day event. The session provided a platform for experts to exchange ideas, share insights, and identify critical urban health challenges that must be addressed. The event marked the beginning of what promises to be a long-term research avenue led by Prof. Hatuka and Prof. Shomron.


Urban environments present unique health issues due to factors such as population density, pollution, access to healthcare, and social disparities. The Urban Health initiative aims to understand and address these challenges through innovative research, collaboration, and the development of practical solutions. By fostering partnerships with various stakeholders, including policymakers, healthcare providers, urban planners, and community organizations, this initiative seeks to create a holistic and sustainable approach to urban health.

As the Urban Health initiative progresses, we can expect groundbreaking discoveries, evidence-based interventions, and novel approaches to improving health outcomes in urban settings. The collaboration between academia, government bodies, and healthcare professionals holds great potential for transforming our cities into healthier and more livable spaces. TILabs is thrilled to be at the forefront of this significant work. The center is committed to providing the necessary resources, expertise, and support to drive this initiative forward.

TILabs will continue to share news, research findings, and success stories as they emerge. Together, let us embrace the future of Urban Health and work towards enhancing the well-being of urban communities worldwide.

Exciting times lie ahead, and we invite you to join us on this remarkable journey toward a healthier urban future.


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